Feb 282013

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… is an educated cultural scientist with a tematic focus on Poland, Ukraine and Russia. At the Institute for Applied History she has been active since 2006 as board member and project manager. At the moment she conducts the debate about the conceptualizing of the term “applied history” and coordinates the Working Group for Applied History.

Issues of coping with a difficult past after violent conflicts, participative and creative approaches of history mediation as well as the relation of history and the public are the topics of her projects. In the future, the activities of the Institute should be extenden on the post-yugoslavic region.

She is working on her PhD at the moment, concerning the cultural history of Katowice, the former industrial metropole. She analyses the example of the city´s application for the European Capital of Culture 2016.

E-Mail: j.tomann[at]instytut.net

Projects Spring School Zagreb: European Cultures of Remembrance Workgroup Applied History Forum Applied History Almanach Terra Transoderana Treffen an der Oder 2010

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